Our Courses and Guides

Our courses and guides will show you how to properly maintain and run a compressed air system.

They will teach you how to prevent and troubleshoot compressor issues and show you how to save thousands of dollars on electricity and running costs.

These courses are designed specifically for maintenance and operational personnel, maintenance managers, plant managers, even small business owners.


Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide

Get the exact steps and flowcharts to troubleshoot your compressor. In plain easy-to-follow English. Promised!


Compressed Air Basics Course

Build your confidence around air compressors by learning all the basics of compressed air systems and compressed air.


System Optimization (do it yourself air audit)

Take the do-it-yourself air audit - optimize your compressed air system - and save an average of 20 - 50% on running cost!


Compressor Buying and Installation Starters Pack

Quick guide about what to think about when buying and installing an industrial air compressor - It will save you thousands of dollars and headaches, guaranteed!