Get the exact steps and flowcharts to troubleshoot your compressor. In plain easy-to-follow English. Promised!
Compressed Air Confidence

Build your confidence around air compressors by learning all the basics of air compressors and compressed air.

Compressed air basics for maintenance personnel and operators.

Closed beta launch!
Compressed Air Mastery

Master your compressed air system. Make it reliable, efficient, optimized and keep it trouble-free.

Advanced knowledge for maintenance managers and engineers.

Coming soon!

Why take one of our courses?

Do you use or work with industrial air compressors in your plant? These courses will teach how to properly operate and maintain your compressors.

They will show you how to save thousands of dollars on maintenance and operating costs.

They will also teach you how to PREVENT compressor issues and notice any problems at an early stage so they can be dealt with quickly.

These courses are designed specifically for maintenance and operational personnel, maintenance managers, plant managers, even small business owners.

Benefits for your plant / company

– Save money on maintenance.
– Save money on running costs – In most cases, yearly savings of 10 – 100.000 USD are possible!
– Educate your personal on the price of compressed air.
– Prevent compressor downtime – By noticing problems at an early stage and taking quick and effective remedial action.
– Extend the life of your compressors – By optimizing the running conditions of your compressor.

Benefits for you / your employees

– Upgrade your curriculum vitae – Investing in your personal education is always a good idea!
– Be confident around compressors and compressed air systems.
– Use this knowledge in any future job or project.