Compressor Wont Shut Off

by RoadRunner


Compressor Wont Shut Off.

I have a craftsman
Single Stage Portable
Model No. 919.167600

which wont shut off when it reaches the cutoff and i need to unplug it. I think that this might be the pressure switch ... but am not sure.

I am thinking of buying one to try to replace the switch to see if that is the problem, but see that there is some flexible tubing that goes from the pressure switch to the check valve.

How do you remove this tubing/connector from the pressure switch.

Any help would be appreciated.



It sound like you have a pressure-switch problem, like you suspected.

That extra tubing is probably the unloading line.

Read more about air compressor pressure switches here:

I really don't know how to remove the tubing. Do you have some pictures of it?

Generally, tubing could be connected using a fixing nut (use a spanner to unix it) or a quick-connect coupling, press the coupling while pulling the tube to disconnect it.

Good luck!

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