Small air ompressor repair

I found some pictures of a small compressor repair I did a while ago.

This is an Atlas Copco LX 108 oil free reciprocating compressor.

The compressor part was fully overhauled, only the electric motor wouldn’t run. After checking the pressure switch and electrical connections, my conlcusion was that the thermal protection inside the motor was bad.

I had to open up the motor to be able to reach the thermal protection. Unfortunately, it could not be replaced, so I just had to short-circuit the wires and let it run without thermal protection from now on…

Ther thermal protection is the glass-like round thing  you can see on one of the photo’s. I cut the wires and soldered them together. Used heat-shrink to protect it.

The compressor: Atlas Copco LX108

P1020344P1020339 P1020343


The thermal protection




The repair


compr_4 compr_5


It has been running fine ever since 🙂

For anyone needing advice on the repair or troubleshooting of their air compressor, I have an air compressor troubleshooting section with lots of troubleshooting advice for both small and large compressors.

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  2. I Like to have the prise off ‘n stof/noich filter
    in the top of the compressor Atlas Copco LX 108.
    perhaps ‘n handbook for it at a-mail?

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