Compressed Air Systems

Compressed Air Rules of Thumb

Rules of Thumb in Compressed Air Land Some rules of thumb to make quick estimates of compressed air related stuff. It’s always handy to know some rules of thumb – it allows you to quickly estimate the size of a compressor or the energy that it will cost to run it, for example. 4-5 CFM …

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Compressed Air Units

Compressed Air Units Here’s a little overview of the most common units used in compressed air land. New to compressed air? Here are the most common units used in compressed air land, with some extra explanations, to get you started. Pressure Pressure is one of the main units for compressed air. When we compress air, …

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Compressed Air Basics

Compressed Air BASICS A good understanding of the basics of compressed air is very important for keeping your system running well and helps with troubleshooting problems Learn about pressure, volume and capacity. More importantly, learn how they work together in your compressed air system. Learn about pressure drop, free air delivery and other units. Learn …

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Compressed Air Quality

Compressed Air Quality Different applications require a different compressed air quality – learn why and how to clean your compressed air Compressed air is dirty – it contains all the contaminations of ambient air, but in concentrated form. Plus the air compressor adds a bit of compressor oil to the compressed air. We need to …

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Industrial Compressed Air Systems

Industrial Compressed Air Systems learn about compressed air, system layout and sizing, compressed air quality, and optimization This section of my website is all about industrial compressed air systems and compressed air in general. Basically, it covers everything except the air compressor itself (which has a section all for itself). If you’re completely new to …

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Compressed Air System Optimization

Compressed Air System Optimization Optimize your compressed air systems – so it runs efficiently (save money!) and without troubles (save money and headaches!) In an average industrial compressed air system, 30% of energy is wasted. On top of that, compressed air is about 7 to 8 times more expensive than electricity. Not many people realize …

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How a compressed air leak detector can help you save money

A compressed air leak detector is a device specifically designed to find compressed air leaks. Because it works by listening for ultrasonic sounds, it’s often called an ‘ultrasonic leak detector’. Compressed air leak detectors are frequently used for compressed air audits. If you’re not familiar with what a compressed air audit is, let me explain. …

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